ParallelChain Testnet 1 is LIVE.

ParallelChain Lab
2 min readMar 31, 2022

Today marks an important milestone for the ParallelChain project. After months of development and sleepless nights, the first ParallelChain Testnet is now in operation!

What is ParallelChain Testnet?

ParallelChain is and will be constantly implementing new functionalities and features. To make those new implementations successful, they must first be battle-tested. This is where the work of the testnet begins. ParallelChain will have 4 Testnets before the Mainnet launch, they allow developers, or simply users, to develop and run smart contracts on ParallelChain and experiment the blockchain, at no cost.

What ParallelChain Testnet 1 Entails.

ParallelChain Testnet 1 supports Turing-complete WASM smart contracts with a Rust SDK. You can create and run smart contracts on the Testnet or simply play around and explore the blockchain and world state via its Explorer (a useful tool allowing you to inspect transactions, blocks, addresses and other key information on the Testnet).

Those who are more technically well-versed can also use ParallelChain’s light client (called pchain) to interact with the Testnet 1 node.

ParallelChain Testnet 1 is fuelled by its native token named TXPLL (short for Test-XPLL), you can request TXPLL tokens from a Faucet. Note that TXPLL exists for test purposes only, it does not have any value.

A detailed guide on how to participate in ParallelChain Testnet 1 can be founded in “Documentation” (there's also a button in the Explorer).

We’ve tried to provide as much information as possible in Documentation, but we know you will have questions. For technical queries or issues, drop them in our Telegram group ( or the Testnet-1 Discord channel ( so we can get them on our radar and resolved. For questions that are more visionary and future oriented, best save them for the upcoming AMA with our engineers!

ParallelChain Testnet 1 is the beginning of the real journey. We are incredibly grateful for having the MOST awesome community ever, with many who believe in ParallelChain and have been SO patient and faithful as we build the infrastructures. Words of gratitude are far from enough, we’ll show you what your support helps us accomplish.

Enter ParallelChain Testnet 1: